Why You Should Be The Easy-To-Approach-Hard-To-Attain Woman

Many people think that playing hard to get is childish and pretentious.

However, we still can't escape the fact that people value what they put in effort to get.

For example, you would definitely treasure more a pair of $1,000 shoes compared to a $35 worth of shoes.

The $1000 worth of shoes definitely requires higher amount of effort than the $35 pair.

But, would you even pay $35 for a worn out, torn, smelly and dirty old pair of shoes in a second-hand shop?

Definitely not. Why? Because you don't see any value in that old worn out shoes at all. You won't even dare to wear it.

So is there any way we could 'strike a balance' between playing hard to get and not being 'easy'?

Or.... is it really is a balance? Or is it an entirely different concept at all?

Why is it that, if you are being true to yourself and attuned to your feelings, you are naturally not 'easy'?


Why playing hard to get could be low value.


Why being attuned to your feelings surrounding the situation and the context of the relationship, makes you naturally high value.