Why He Push Hard for Sex

Do you think that all men are only in it for sex?

Do you think that all the men who pursue you is always pushing you for sex and nothing else?

Do you wonder where are all the good men who knows how to treat you, and offer you value first, before asking to jump into bed?

It is actually natural, and possibly a good sign, for a man to push for sex.

Means there's real attraction.

It is natural for a man to push for sex, because they evolutionarily will not want to miss the mating opportunity.

You will also genuinely lose interest in a man who is not pursuing you for sex because it feels unnatural. As if they're being nice to you just to get something and not being honest to themselves.

So how do I know if it is a genuine attraction.

Firstly you will feel it, that genuine attraction, especially if you are also attracted to him.

Secondly, he is responsive to you. Your feelings, your desire, your fear.

He may not yet decide if he wants to invest in you, or if you are worthy of any emotional investment, but he just can't help but to be affected and responsive towards you. All of you. Your feelings, your desire, your fear. Because he likes you.

You see, the moment a man is genuinely attracted to you, you will be deemed valuable to him, because he feels that scarcity that there is no one else like you.

Genuinely attracted doesn't mean just to your sexy body, but also you and your energy.

If his only attraction is to your body, means it is not the kind of holistic attraction that I am talking about in this context.

What if he is losing interest right after you tell him to wait, or after you have sex with him.

Meaning it is not a genuine interest.

It could be just to meet his agenda.

It could be just he feels that need down under, or just want to score with you and add you to the one of the history of the girls that he slept with.

Meaning he is not willing to make any emotional investment in you. Which means he is not interested in building a relationship with you.

Even a relationship with another male invests emotion. So if he's not willing to invest any emotion in you, he is not even seeing you worthy as a friend.

Is it your fault that he had no interest in you?

It is definitely, absolutely, not.

It is not your fault, because he is just probably trying to meet his agenda.

Or he simply doesn't like you.

It's preference. There's no way you can force someone to like you.

Whatever it is, most likely he has no meaning to intentionally hurt you.

However, if most of the men you met are doing this to you, you may want to ask yourself;

"What do I feel when I am around him?"

"Do I feel like he is the last man in the world that I would ever going to like and that if he's gone I'm dead? Do I feel the need to impress him?"

"Which one are the way you cope that makes me seem unattractive?"

"Do I dress revealing so that I can keep his interest? Do I get so scared to lose him that I do whatever he wants me to do, disregarding my own feelings?"

All of this feeling and action that you do, they're never wrong. You are never in the wrong for feeling. We are women, and feeling is everything in our world. You do things for a reason. You feel things for a reason.

You are only wrong when you are not being honest to yourself.

Not being honest is rejecting yourself.

If you are rejecting yourself, how are others going to accept you?

You see, when a man is attracted to you, your outer appearance is only what is in the surface. What really makes him the impression is the energy that you emits as a whole.

So are you emitting the energy of discomfort? That you're not comfortable with yourself?

Not being comfortable with yourself stems from lack of emotional integrity and unconditional self acceptance.