What it Truly Means by Loving Yourself

Many of us will say "Of course I love myself."

Do you wonder, what is the limit between loving myself and being narcissist?

Do egotistical and narcissistic people are the kind of people who loves themselves the most?

Not necessarily. Being egotistical and narcissistic has nothing to do with loving oneself. It is simply a survival instinct at best, or inflated self-image due to refusal of accepting the deficiencies that they truly feels.

Loving yourself is not simply about accepting the good and bad that you have on the surface.

Accepting that you have a giant mole on your face is just about the surface. In fact, when you tell yourself to accept it, do you force yourself to accept it? Do you reject the part of you who is hurting and wishing you don't have it?

Loving yourself is mainly about accepting and acknowledging all your feelings.

When you reject your emotions, you are rejecting a part of you. This will make you feel smaller and insignificant.

When you love yourself, you will give to yourself first.

You will not do things that you don't feel like doing, just to please certain people.

When you love yourself, you will be with a man whom you are truly attracted to, not with a man that you want something from.