What It Really Means to Become a High Value Woman

I get that some of you might think that

Being a confident, intelligent, beautiful, and sexy woman doesn't necessarily make you high value.

Because people values you for what you give to them, not for who you are.

In order for you to be high value in the eye of a man, the most and foremost criteria, is that he needs to find you attractive.

And I want to redefine the meaning of attractiveness here. Attractiveness is not just sexiness, and not just beauty.

Attractiveness is value; which means it's about how he feels when he sees you.

You could be standing tall and looking like supermodel, and a guy may turn their head and say 'woww'.

While this is a form of value,(because, well, he feels some attraction), but this is not as high value as a woman who makes him feel like he's a protector, and a strong man who will take care of her.

This could be that she looks tiny and fragile, and a man feels the compelling purpose to protect her.

Then, why some people say confidence, intelligence, beauty and sexiness high value? Because it is. The question is, high value to whom?

It is most likely high value for yourself. Because it's cool.

But does that high value to a man?

If that man has a hidden low-self-esteem syndrome, this type of woman will boost his ego and aleviates his social status.

If that man has a strong sense of purpose to protect and take care of a woman, most likely it wouldn't matter much.

There is no point being confidence, intelligence, beautiful and sexy if you exudes the aura of closeness and indifference.

Why attraction is the highest value

Because this is the only way a person can give to someone AND ALSO give to himself at the same time.

Because value is perceived, you may be high value in the eye of one man, and low value in the eye of another man.

The question is, what kind of man do you want to be perceived as high value.

The question you have to ask yourself to know if you are high value.

The question is, what kind of man do you wan