What Inspires People to Stay Loyal

Have you wondered what inspires some people to stay loyal?

Is loyalty even possible in the first place.

I believe that a real good man don't cheat

A good man is not a coward. He face himself. If he doesn't get what he needs in the relationship, either he ends it and find another woman who does, or get it changed.

But loyalty is not just about cheating

It is also about how they will stay.

About how true they are to their feelings.

How aligned their feelings are to you and that hurting you also hurts him.

The one thing that inspires loyalty is emotional connection.

Part of it is also respect.

When a man resents you because he doesn't see you valuable, he will lose respect to you, and therefore lose connection.

When this happens, when he cheats on you he will no longer feel pain.

The case where a man is married and yet having other woman too.

Part of it is also respect.