What If You Feel Your Physical Beauty Backfires at Your Love Life

Do you sometimes feel like questioning the world, "Why is it that despite being good looking, I can't seem to find a man who loves me and willing to invest me long term, instead of just wanting me for sex?"

When you are pretty and sexy, of course a man would be sexually attracted to you.

In fact, actually by nature, a man's natural threshold for sexual attraction is pretty low.

Not that it is bad, nor should we judge them for it.

It is evolution. It is natural selection. It is because these men today are the descendants of older primitive men who managed to spread their seed because they do not miss a single sex opportunity that they can get.

Those older primitive men who didn't overestimate sexual attraction for the opposite sex and therefore missed the chance to procreate, did not managed to get their seed spread, and therefore their mindset and biology did not get passed to the next generation.

In fact, a man could just feel sexual attraction to a hole in the wall! Or a hole on the door... or even a donkey.

It is easy to get a man sexually interested in you, but it is your energy that makes him fall in love with you.

When you are a pretty woman, with a nice figure, a man's sexual desire for you when you first met him could be pretty strong.

Actually, this could be a good thing. It means there's attraction.