What A Long Term Relationship Truly Means

Some people complains that they never have any long term relationship.

I used to know a woman who keeps complaining to me "Why I never have any long term relationship??" and then later I found out that she deletes and blocks a man's number the moment he refuses to commit or show further interest just after certain short period of time.

Relationships are limitless.

A long term relationship is, as the name suggest, a long term relationship. Which simply means a connection between two people that exist in a long period of time.

Relationship is not an exact binary thing that connects and breaks up at the very definition of it. Relationship is between the heart of two people.

You see, the human brain is so powerful, but unfortunately it is unable to deliberately forget what it used to know.

This is why, a relationship is long term, no matter what definition you put into it.

Even now you have broken up with your boyfriend, you will still have him in your mind, and he will have you in his mind. It wouldn't just forget about him as you choose to.

This simply means, that connection is simply still there. That relationship is still there.

Why you shouldn't live small.

When you avoid contact with someone just because you don't want your ego hurt, you are running away from your feelings.

When you are too scared to face the pain in your heart, you are also blocking the wonderful relationship that you can have with someone.