The Secret to High Value Vulnerability

You may came across this post as you wonder, how to be vulnerable in a high value way.

You may also wonder what being vulnerable is all about.

I get that in today's civilization, it has been getting harder for a woman to be vulnerable.

We are no longer live in the hunting and farming society as it used to be a million years ago, whereby survival relies greatly on physical strength.

If a woman is not strong enough to hunt for herself, or not strong enough to plow the land to grow crops, or not strong enough to fight a wild animal that preys on her, she won't be able to survive.

Now, we all have educations and a job.

More and more women goes into the workforce and compete with men.

Not to mention the way the law protects woman and catered to women's advantage.

As a result, men don't intuitively see us as vulnerable anymore.

This is why a truly feminine and vulnerably women nowadays are rare in the eye of a man.

The thing is, as a woman our biology has been designed to secure commitment from a man.

All we have to do is to let it guide us.

The secret to a high value vulnerability is to stay true to our feelings and listen to it.

All that we feel has a purpose.