The Most Valuable Gift You Can Ever Give to A Man

Have you ever wondered what gift to give him for his birthday? Do you wish deep in your heart that you can give the best birthday present ever for him?

Or have you wondered if it is possible that there's something special that only you can give him?

Have you wondered how some women are worshiped by their men? What kind of tremendous value they offer to their men? And what make their men keep coming back to them?

The thing is, she's not even the best looking woman in the world. You are sure you've ever a woman prettier than her.

Could it be their cooking? Could it be... they way the help around doing chores? Could it be... sex? Could it be that her family is rich and improving his social status?

The way we are conditioned to offer value

We have been living in a world that rewards us for being competent at getting things done.

Our parents will buy us toys if we score great at school.

Our teacher will penalize us for giving wrong answer.

This shapes us into thinking that in order to be worthy of anything, we have to know how to get things done.

Because it happens again and again all the time, we starts to think that it is the way things are done, disregarding the context.

What do I mean by we're forgetting the context?

It means, that what our parents and our teachers do only works for that scope; it's not always the case in life, especially in relationship.

The act that our parents will buy us toys if we score great at school is only relevant in certain context in life; such as, if you are sincere enough to working hard for what you want in life, you will get it.

The act that our teacher will penalize us for giving wrong answer is only relevant in the context of teaching you what is right or wrong in that subject.

And by the way, as much as you can always see one thing from many different perspective, you can also see your teacher's act as either a serious punishment, or a learning process.

When we are focused so much whether we will get admitted to an Ivy League University at all, then we will perceive having a bad grade as a really bad and hurting punishment.

When we see a school as a place to learn, instead of a place to get approval, then we won't be so hurt by having a bad grade, because it simply means we now know what is right and wrong.

So now, we have grown up into thinking that in order to be worthy, we have to know how to get things done.

Which translate to, in order to be worthy of having a strong man who will take care of us, we got to know how to make him happy.

We need to know how to cook delicious dishes. We need to be good at doing chores, and always do the chores for him. We need to be good in bed. We need to look like a supermodel and always full of make up to keep him wanting to see us, and make him proud to have us in front of his social circles. We need to have a great career. We need to have a successful business. We need to make good money, have a nice house and a car. We need to avoid drama and always be the cool girl.

All just to be worthy of a good man.

But the truth is, even after having all that, you just can't seem to attract the kind of man you want.

You only end up with a guy who doesn't really attract you, or a guy who seem to just want you for sex.

The truth is, it's not about what you can do for him, or how awesome you are.

If you think about it....

He'd rather you stop complaining about how dirty he is and trying to change him, and invading into his comfortable state of living, than having you cleaning his place and misplacing his things.

If he wanted, he could have hired a helper to do that. Which is why he probably already did; a part time maid.

And he'd rather you sit back, relax and enjoy, rather than being doing what his maid is supposed to do.

He'd rather you not make a fuss when he's going out having dinner with his buddies, than having you cook for dinner and force him to eat at home.

He'd rather you relax and wear your hair down, rather than having you always worrying about how you look and don't even dare to look at him in the eye if you are not wearing any make up.

He'd rather you wear pants and singlets to go out with him on a leisure time, when he is also wearing singlets and shorts, rather than always having you overdress him.

He'd rather you relax and surrender into whatever he can afford to provide for you, rather than having you having a highly masculine driven career who makes you rigid and stressed all the time.

What he'd rather have...


The most valuable gift you can ever give to a man.... is YOU. When you truly be who you are.

Because no other woman is YOU; the woman he loves.

Because no other woman connects to him the way you do, and no other woman understands him the way you do.

No other woman has your unique feminine energy.

No other woman heals his soul the way you do.

No other woman give him the aliveness into his life like the way you do.

When you truly be who you are.....

You don't succumb into the desperation in your mind that comes from the mindset of scarcity.

You aren't so worried about what others think about you.

You value the attraction and excitement that you have, instead of the control that you have over him.

You let him give you the gift of his masculinity and you give him the gift of your feminine energy.

You give him the love from a woman, that he can't get from his guy friends.

PS: If you are thinking about giving him a birthday present, instead of thinking of some over the top gifts that only last for a while, why not you arrange a heart-to-heart session with him and allow him to be completely honest with you, without judgement, without interruption, especially if it's been some time since you have a deep conversation with him? Let me know your comments and tell me what he feels about it.