The Intercorrelation Between Your Career and Your Personal Relationship

I get that many of us have have ambitions.

Many of those ambitions are related to career and money.

It is cool to earn a lot of money on our own. It feels like we are in control and powerful.

It also somehow gives us a sense of purpose and achievement.

But have you ever wondered why many women who are successful seems to always get a man who are less domineering than them?

While deep in your heart you desire a man who protects you and take care of you?

How career opportunity for modern women changes how the world works.

Millions of years ago, whereby people are still living as farmers and hunters, survival requires an enormous amount of physical strength that lessen the chance of a woman surviving without a man.

A man, on the other hand, requires a woman to procreate, for otherwise his legacy will discontinue without any off-springs.

The nature then performs the natural selection; women who fails to secure a protector and provider dies with her alone, or with her off-springs, whereas men who fails to show enough value to get a woman to bear and give birth to his children are also extinct as they died without any successors.

With this co-dependency for the success of survival and procreation, men and women exchanges value.

In order to secure protection and survival from a man, a woman give access to sex and procreation. In order to ensure the continuation of his legacy, a man provides and protects for his woman and his successors.

Actually, the term 'exchange' is only as harsh as it sounds on the surface.

Actually, it isn't as mechanical and a simple as "Okay, you provide and protect for me, I give birth to your kids."

It is more on the psychological reaction in a man that responds to the vulnerability of a woman.

Seeing the vulnerability of a woman, knowing that she is unable to survive without him, he is emotionally unable to just leave that woman to death.

The thing is, nowadays women can survive without having a man.

And men knows this, despite their innate deep desire to protect and provide for the woman.

Despite having that deep desire to be a man, to protect and provide for a woman, they can see it with their own eyes, that women don't need any support for a man to be able to survive the world.

As a result, they see no point in committing.

You see, a man who lives in the kind of environment whereby women are threatened by wild animals and dangers, they instinctively know that a woman will need his physical strength to survive. They instinctively feels that he needs to protect and provide for that woman.

But, if you imagine being in a man's body, and sees that women nowadays are not exposed to physical threats anymore, and how cool they are that now they have high education and high prospective careers, and how they can survive on their own, you probably wouldn't be so instinctively triggered to protect them anymore.

Imagine, you walk down the street. Suddenly you see an old man with his child grand-daughter lying on the street, and he suddenly begs you to give him some money to save that baby girl from a sickness.

Would you be at the very least give some money to him?

Or if you are resourceful enough to save that baby girl, and thinking that it would take a very long time for that man to meet another person who is as resourceful as you are and willing to help him, I believe you will have the love in your heart to do whatever you could to save them.

It could be bring them to the hospital and cover the payment.

It could be as little as buying them sandwich and blankets.

Why would you do that?

Because you know that probably he would die if you didn't help him.

It is the same way a man feel emotionally invested in a woman.

Why you shouldn't pretend you don't want to have a career, when you do, regardless.

The act of dumbing down is unattractive.

Why? Because it is inauthentic.

If you are truly intellectually challenged, then it is okay to be intellectually challenged. Because it is who you are.

Take for example in my life story. I was a pretty smart and curious girl, who at the same time have that desire to surrender to a strong man.

I gave up my career for a businessman who said would protect and provide for me. He did, but still, deep in me there's part of me that wanted to scream out and be myself.

In the end my marriage didn't work. I left him nicely and he respected my decision. We are still friends till date.

And then along the way, I met a man who is less educated and earn less than me, but he's such a man with amazing athletic body and enormous physical strength.

He propels me to be the businesswoman I am today and I could never been who I am today if it was not because of him.

He loves me unconditionally and be the man for me, even though I earn so much more than him.

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You see, pretending takes value out of yourself. Pretending means you don't love yourself enough.

There will be part of you that feels rejected. You will feel resentment because you do things for someone without giving value first to yourself.

Why you also shouldn't dwell in a job that you don't like.

There must be a reason why you don't like your job.

It boils down to the point that you don't feel like being yourself around that job.

Maybe you feel that it's too challenging and as a woman you naturally wouldn't thrive in a very masculine environment.

If your true desire is to have a man provide for you, then you should go for it.

If you repeatedly supress yourself like that, this will carry over to your relationship.

Especially with how a woman's brain is designed.

The reason why masculine men thrives is masculine career is because their brain is designed like an apartment unit.

Our brain as a woman, on the other hand, is designed like a bowl of noodle.

How you can still be vulnerable and feminine, even when you have a high-flying career.

It is all about your emotional openness and receptiveness.