The Consequence of Marrying Just for The Sake of Wealth and Status

Many of us women are falling into this trap.

Why many of us get trapped into marrying just for the sake of money

We as women have the innate nature to keep our off-springs safe and prosperous.

We naturally and instantly more attracted to a man with abundance of resources.

Some of us grow up lacking of money, and we wish to get out of that situation.

Some of us grow up in a good family, but has heard all of terrible things from the lack of money.

As a result, we are so afraid to be vulnerable to the feeling of attraction to a man who doesn't have money.

The real cost of marrying just for the sake of money

The cost is every single day, we earn that money, by pretending to like that man just to get his money.

This may seem okay for a few days, or weeks, or months, or even years...

... but one day, you will feel emptiness in within you.

You will feel that pain and craving in your heart, that you never truly meet your soulmate.

That you never enjoy being with the kind of man that you truly like.

You'll start to feel how unlucky you are to have to go through the life that you live now.

Especially, if one day he no longer have that money. All you have is nothingness.

Why it's no longer worth it to marry for money

Because nowadays, money is everywhere to be made.