Should You Take Whoever Comes Your Way or Is It Better to Fight for The Man You Truly Respect

There's this man who's interested in you. He's handsome, have a decent job, and seems very gentleman.

And the best part is, he's attracted to you. He is attracted to your feminine energy and would like to invest more in you.

The problem is, despite seemingly looking good 'on-paper', you just can't seem to be very attracted to him.

Wait, you must be thinking, I gotta be joking, because... well... if a man is 'handsome, have a decent job, and seems very gentleman', how could you be not genuinely attracted, right?

Well, this happens, probably a lot of time. Think of the last time you meet a man who is awesome and yet you just can't seem to find a spark, even though you respect him. The two of you could be friends, at best. (Well, you can't possibly be attracted to all men who are 'handsome, have a decent job, and seems very gentleman', can you? If you do, does it mean you are crushing on many of your colleagues?)

Suddenly, you feel that fear in your mind that... what if I don't take him now, I could never get another one?

But at the same time, you just don't feel that enthusiastic... So what are you gonna do?

Attraction is not something you can choose.


It depends on your intention.


You probably have to pay the price for it someday.

If you suddenly came across the man whom you really really like, what would you do? Are you prepared to commit to the current relationship and suffer with it? Or you will just move on not caring for what the other party is feeling?

Or, what if one day, after spending time with you, he found someone who is genuinely attracted to him, and at that point in time, he sees the contrast of how it really feels around her, versus how it really feels around you?

What if he realizes, that you interest for him is just dying slowly and the other woman truly likes him for who he truly is?

You see, no one can decide how you should handle your situation.

But, one little part of being a high value woman is your ability to admit that your decision is yours, and then be responsible for it.

Nobody is perfect, and human's brain is designed to learn from their mistake. And as long as you haven't 'earned' it (e.i. you haven't really experienced it for yourself), you wouldn't truly understand.

You probably have to go through it for yourself before knowing what you truly want, and what you truly do not want.

You have to realize, you could never fake your action, at least not forever.

If after trying hard and that genuine attraction just still never come, you definitely will, at some point in your life, meet another man whom you truly are attracted.

Then how are you going to fake your interest in the existing partner?

Settling for a man that is 'just good enough' for you, is an insult to the man who truly deserves you.

Imagine that man truly come into your life, seeing how you surrender to another man who is not as deeply