How to Know if You Truly Love Him

You feel that surge of passion in you when you see him.

You say you love him. But are you, really?

How attraction for a man is mistaken for love

You feel this surge of passion when you see him. It could be that well-built body. It could be that deep voice. It could be that masculine essence of bitterness in him.

But all these are not love. These are simply your attraction for him. Which is a vital component.

This attraction is valuable to you, because you don't feel this way to many other man.

Without this, it won't be worth it to sacrifice anything for him.

The truth is, you wouldn't know if you love a man, until you do things that you can't imagine you could do, for him.

Like when you're normally worried when the guy you're dating not calling you for so long, this time with him you just feel deep down that trust and understanding.

You are both honest to yourself and attuned to him, that it's okay for the relationship to reach that stage, whereby the first 3 months excitement has passed, and you're entering into the resting mode, before the two of you embark into the deeper connection of the relationship.

You are not freaking out and you trust that progression.

Although you like him so much and don't want to lose him, you value the attraction and excitement more than the security that it gives.

You can't believe that being with him is just so easy.

This is because you are in the mindset of giving. The mind set of high value.

Had you been otherwise, all you care about would be about having control over him.

The difference between you doing things FOR HIM, and you doing things for yourself

When you do things for him, you give him what he truly needs, instead of giving him what he thinks he needs.

When you do things for him, you give to yourself first. You love yourself first. You do things for him because you want to make him feel happy. You will be happy if he's happy too.

You don't sacrifice your feelings just to do things for him.

For example, when your gut feeling tells you that it's to early to have sex with him, despite that much attraction, you don't give in to him just because he's pushing for it.

You listen to your feeling that although you like him a lot, your body are just not ready for sex yet.

A woman can feel hesitated to have sex with a man that she feel attracted to because that how evolution made her. She has yet to feel that deep trust in that man. She is not yet ready to be penetrated by him.

Also there's fear that if have sex too soon, he will leave.

Also there's fear that sex will change the dynamic of the relationship.