How to Know If A Man Truly Loves You

He's there when you need him but never say a single word about that he loves you. He's cute and all that, but why is he not the candlelit dinner guy, or a bear and flower guy?

What a man truly feels about relationship with a woman

When a man was a child, they are never thought to be in a marriage with a woman. When a woman was a child, she play cooking, taking care of a baby doll, and playing the role of a wife or a mother.

Relationship is a woman's domain. Woman always want to feel connected with everyone and everything. Woman wants friends and wants a boyfriend and thinking about all this more than a man.

A man's innate programming is to be the a strong man. War and death. That's why they relate best to war and fights.

When it comes to woman, before they fall in love, all they see is responsibility. I remember how my boyfriend say "but that needs money" and my brother is freaking out about our cousin who has no money and yet get married and have a child instead.

Before a man falls in love with a woman, all they ever think about a woman is about sex.

They feel more emotional among male friends. Because in the old days, male loyalty is very important. If one get betrayed, he will die and his family would suffer. That's why you see such strong bond between them.

Some of them have a lot of male friends, and yet they feel something is missing. So they thought it's a sexual needs. They go for prostitutes and thinking that they need sex...

... until that woman who fills his heart with comfort and love. He suddenly loses interest of that sex and stuff.

How love truly feels in the heart of a man

He won't feel that kind of cringing feeling at first but he will be there for you and wants to hang with you.

When you show unconditional love for him, he will see it and feel connection with you.

Sex enforces that feeling of love.

Things that he would do for you if he loves you

He would be in pain when you are in pain. He may cry for you, at times that you don't know. But they just don't tell you.

He would imagine having sex with you.

He would be there for you when he needs you. He won't ignore you when you are truly in need. But not when you just seeking his attention.

The desire to provide for you, even if the situation doesn't call for it.

The desire to protect you.

He would be receptive to vulnerability of most women, but he prioritize you.

He probably would stop praising you about your looks, because your looks doesn't matter anymore.