How Important Is The Way You Dress?

Imagine it's a sunny Sunday and your heart is filled with joy. You look outside the window and the shine is shining through. You want to go for that art exhibition that you've been longing for. What would you be wearing? What do you feel like wearing?

Now, imagine you are going for a presentation with an important potential client. You have all the points in your mind and you know exactly what they are looking for. All you have to do is show how your products and services will be valuable to him. What would you be wearing? What do you feel like wearing?

Most people don't consciously decide to judge you based on what you are wearing, but they can't help but to react to the energy that you are emitting.

That's right. Mostly, unless a person is inexperienced or downright judgmental, they would rather not judge you based on your outer appearance.

But imagine you see a woman, wearing all black from head to toe, with black lipstick. Plus that kind of look and facial expression. No smile. The corner of her lips is pointing downwards. Her eyes looks bitter and jaded.

How would you feel about her? What kind of energy is she emitting to you. Do you feel welcomed? Do you feel intimidated by them? Do you have that naggy gut feeling that they're going to harm you if you're ever anywhere near them?

You probably feel that way because you feel that their energy is dark and bitter, and rejecting you. You can feel that something might have been bothering them, and that now they just want to reject everybody.

You probably think, if she has a hope and aspiration in life, and if she even care about herself at all, she probably wouldn't be dressing in that way, and sitting in that kind of place, with that kind of body language.

You'd probably be surprised that if they somehow stumble upon you being in trouble, they will attempt to help you, even with that kind of look and wry speech. You will then stop judging them based on their looks and energy. You will realize that she is actually a kind person at heart.

The thing is, most of the time, the way we dress up is a reflection of our inner energy.

The way you dress is a reflection of your inner energy.

Like when you imagine you are going for that art exhibition on Sunday morning. You will definitely be wearing a different set of attire than if when you are going to meet an important client.

How should you dress to make you look attractive?

The kind of attire that will make you look attractive is the kind that aligns with your current state of emotions.

You see, this is part of a depth of character, which is about having emotional integrity. This is about integrity in general. Which is about being honest to yourself.

People are perceived as having integrity will have their thoughts and their behavior, and their way of dressing, aligned.

This is how you shine from the inside out.

Have you seen a person who seems to have their inner beauty shines out? It's because their outer look is aligned with their inner state, so that outer look pushes their inner state further.

Let me give you an example.

On a Sunday morning, when you feel relaxed..... seeing the sun shining through your window... and the wind blows the white transparent curtain on your window... you feel the warmth in your heart and you'd like to visit the art gallery.

In that state of mind, you'd probably want to wear a long-sleeved white lacy blouse, with a flowing pink 3/4 A-skirt, paired with a pair of white sharp-tipped kitten heels.

Or, if you feel sexy that morning because you just somehow hoping you'd see some handsome men in there, you'd be wearing a white flowery-patterned sleeve-less dress, with high heels.

When you're going to meet an important client, and know exactly what he is looking for, you will wear a 3/4-sleeved top with 3/4 length pencil skirt, with toe-covered kitten heels.

Do men judge your relationship potential based on how you dress?

The thing is they are most likely more concerned about you interest of sleeping with him.

It doesn't matter what you dress. If you look attractive and feminine they will want to sleep with you.

Relationship is not the first thing that crosses their mind when they see you. Unless he is in a rush for a marriage due to some peer pressure.

The thing is, since the way your dress emits your energy, they will feel that energy in you.

What about those garments whom people think as 'classless' or 'inappropriate'?

As long as deep inside you feel confident wearing it, it will only accentuate that confidence in you and make you look mysterious. How could someone be so confident.

But again when you're not truly confident in it, and just wearing it for the sake of following the trends, people will subconsciously perceive that energy and just feel something off about you.