How I Lost 10 Kg in 4 Weeks, Without Suffering, At All

In this post, I'd like to share with you my personal experience on losing 10Kg in 4 weeks.

1. Mindset

You will keep telling yourself that you're eating so little and that you're so hungry, you're gonna die out of malnutrition. It's all false.

The truth is, there are many people who are fasting and they are still alive. They have excess energy storage that they burn

2. The Law of Conservation of Energy

Our life is guided by principles that will stay true no matter what.

Those principles such as gravity,

Similarly, in losing weight, there's the law of conservation of energy.

So as long as your eating intake is less than the output energy that you spend to proceed with your activity, you will lose weight.

3. Efficient eating.

Even when you're dieting, your body will still need some of the essential nutrition. Your aim is to get as many of these nutrients in as little food as possible.

If you can eat things raw, it's even better. The fastest way to do this is via fruits and vegetables, and sashimi and tartar if you love them.

4. Avoid high-glycemic index carbs, especially grains.

Our body is not designed to digest grains.

You should instead derive your needs for carbohydrates from vegetables.

Wait, vegetables contains carbs? Yes. Otherwise how do those herbivores derives energy?

4. Detox.

The idea is that, the fat in our body protects our body from toxins.

When you have a lot of toxins in your body, our body's defense mechanism will stack fat to protect your organs.

Therefore, the less toxin we have in our body, the less needs to have fat in the body.

5. Boost up your fat burning mechanism naturally

I think this is the most important part of it, and yet the most exciting.

Why is it the most exciting? Because I tell you, that you can snack :) a healthy fat-burning-mechanism-boosting snack.

The number one hormone that determines fat burning. It is Leptin.

In these days, our body is exposed to too many process and artificial food. This decreases our body's leptin sensitivity.

And, try to minimize the usage of artificial substance. Because your body will take it as toxins. It will just store more fat to protects you.

If you truly do believe in certain medicine, you are free to try them, but keep to a maximum of 3 kind of medication, and then judge their effectiveness after 1 month. If turns out it doesn't work, maybe it's time for you to change the habit.

6. Fool your brain into thinking that you're full.

The way I do this is to eat a dessert of something sweet after my meal.

If around afternoon time you start to get some craving, go for the snack that I mentioned in point number 5.

7. Have enough sleep.

When we sleep, our organs helps us to burn fat.

Wait... do you notice that I don't exercise? Yeah, I didn't. When I lose this 10Kg I didn't exercise at all.

And, I realize the process of losing weight is not torturing at all. When I get hungry I still can snack.