Does Having All Your Sh*t Together Equates to Not Being Vulnerable?

We live in the era whereby women are given much more freedom and opportunity than our ancestors used to have.

Since we were kids, even as a girl, we have been introduced to the idea of having fancy careers such as astronauts, lawyers, doctors, satellite engineers, pilots, and businesswomen.

We thought to ourselves "Aw cool! So that's how being a proper adult is supposed to be, huh? So every worthy person in this world is gonna have some cool job? Alright, when I grow up I'll make sure I'll get to that top Ivy League medical school on that other part of the world and become a renowned surgeon. I'm gonna make momma proud."

And then there we are, a 22 year-old young beautiful blossom lady who just graduated from a medical degree and ready to become an intern.... while at the same time looking at some of our peers who are already married and have a 2-year-old baby with a fantastic man who always protects her.... Suddenly we feel that cringe in our stomach, when we realize our true nature isn't this ivy league degree and work.

We are single, alone... and the kind of guys who are interested in us are those kind of... you know... What's wrong? What to do now?

How the process of commitment happen in the past, that we are here today

In the past, the survival of a woman depends greatly on their man.

Because all is physical , so without a man we wont be able to hunt our own animals.

We will die alone and preyed by animals.

Even worse if she got impregnated and become vulnerable, nobody provides for her.

Because of this great dependency, man has the instinct to protect women so that his off-springs survives and thrives.

What's wrong with the system now?

Nowadays, we all have our own career.

So no matter how much their deep desire to provide and protect us, they know it is not that required anymore.

And no matter what has evolved in the past, we still feel it today.

So we have to leave all what we have now just so that we can be perceived as vulnerable by men?

No, Because nowadays we have live in this era. Context is there. Some of us are actually have deep passion for our job. Some of us actually wish men take care of us.

So if I have a high powered career job, there's no way I can be perceived as vulnerable by men?

Because there is a genuine vulnerability in you; the real craving for a man.

That is the genuine vulnerability that you have if you are smart and successful woman.