Do You Need to Talk About Commitment to A Man?

Have you been dating a man for some time and wondering when he is ever going to marry you?

Is he truly committed to you.

First and foremost, marriage isn't always equal to commitment.

Marriage itself isn't a commitment.

If the society never forms wedding and marriage, a man would still commit to woman, despite all that stuff.

Commitment in a man is an emotional condition. Without this emotional commitment, it is never a commitment in the first place.

Should you talk about commitment?

Most likely not.

Your man probably is already committed to you. You just fail to see it.

See the things that he does for you.

He is always replying your text, no matter how long it takes him to. In fact the longer he replied, if he eventually replied, it is also a sign of long term commitment.

How is that so? Because even after so long, he still never forget that he owes you a reply!

Compare it with a man who just doesn't reply at all.

A man will naturally commit to you emotionally if you are valuable to him.

A man sees you valuable if he truly likes you. That means, when he truly is attracted to you.

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Should you talk about marriage and your future together?

Sure, if it's truly what your deep heart wants it. Not just because you are rushing for your own agenda, without any genuine attraction and emotional connection with him.

Talking about marriage too early in the relationship is most likely pointless. Even if they are not keen on the idea of marriage, he either would say they do just to make you happy, or he is simply in the stage of relationship novelty and excitement that they don't mind imagining something great with you together.

Most men have heard about marriage and that some people do it. That's why their mind are actually open about it. But if they never experience true attraction and emotional connection with a woman, they probably don't intuitively understand why they would do that. Even when they have no objection to doing that.

It's like when someone you care about tells you, "I got my arm stung by a bee, can you bake me an apple pie?"

You'd be like, "Ooo...kay.... but why?", right? You just don't understand how getting one's arm stung by a bee makes him wants you to bake him an apple pie.

Now, if you truly care for him, would you bake that apple pie for him? Even if you have no idea how to bake an apple pie, would make the effort to look it up the internet and find a possibly trustworthy apple pie recipe?

You see, when you genuinely care for someone, you will try to give him what he wants and what he needs.

Similarly, when you actually ask him, in genuine vulnerability, telling him that you feel more secure with the paper taken care of, you will see how he could give you what you want, because he cares for you.

He himself probably wouldn't see why the paperwork could make the relationship stronger or weaker, but since that's what you want and that's what makes you happy, he will do that for you, because he loves you.

How to talk to a man to get him to marry you.

Sure, if it's truly what your deep heart wants i