Can You Really be Accepted for Who You Truly Are?

Have you wondered if you will truly be accepted for who you truly are?

Like, can you be accepted if you go out without make up? Can you be accepted without dressing in a certain way?

Wont people judge you?

Yes, you can be accepted for who you are, if you are truly willing to be who you truly are.

What do I mean by being yourself?

It is by aligning your actions to what you truly believe in. Acknowledging your feelings and not ignoring it just to please others.

Have you ever thought, what's the point of having people to like you if it isn't you in the first place?

It means they are not accepting you anyway! They are accepting the image that you are trying to project about you. That's not who you are.

Then what's all the point?

They may be accepting you on the surface, but there's no deep sense of respect, no character. After some time it will just fall apart. And getting you deeper and deeper into your lie.

It's okay to not be able to please everyone.

You want to surrounded by people whose values are aligned with yours. It's aligned, not necessarily the same. Which means, they may value different things from you, but they understand you, and respect you for what you believe in.

But what if you 'badly need' certain people to like you

The key is to connect, not to impress.

If you play GTA V and you see the way Patricia Madrazo soften the heart of Trevor Phillips, you will get the idea. Trevor Phillips is a man who is very tough that nothing seems to be able to soften him. And yet Patricia did it, despite of her looks.

You see, the thing is, the fact that you want to be accepted in by a certain group of people, is most likely because they have something that you also have, no matter how deep down it is buried inside.

The reason why you want to be one of them is because deep inside, they have dreams, aspirations, and fears that is aligned with that of yours.

Why not find it and connect to them from it?

Maybe it's their fear of not looking good enough? Maybe it's their fear of not being enough for anything?

You can start from there and build up.

The key is not to just bend over backwards on them.