Can Relationship Truly Makes You Happy?

Do you feel that feeling that you wish you have a boyfriend so that you're not as lonely?

Do you feel that you are always short of money, that if you have a rich boyfriend you will be freed from that and feel happy?

Do you feel like you're not accepted if you don't have a boyfriend or a husband?

What it truly means whey they say "You can't be happy being in a relationship if you are not happy being single"?

It is because when you're not happy being single just because you lack of certain aspect in your life, you'll end up being with someone who fulfills that one aspect in your life, but then not the most important thing; attraction.

You compromise attraction just to fulfill what you are lacking.

You're not truly attracted to the person. You're just attracted to what that person can give you.

Let's say you think you want a relationship just to feel connection. You might end up with a man who are so into connecting with you but you actually lose respect and attraction for him.

When a man is so eager to connect to you, he is not being in his masculine state, which is why it's not attractive to you.

It may also send you a signal of "this is too good to be true. What's the catch?"

I mean, you know, those kind of men who is too nice and too accommodating, too soon? Aren't they betraying themselves just so they can get close to you? Why are they so keen to get so close to you? Do they want you because of your looks, or your status, and not because they genuinely find out how beautiful of a soul you are?

Let's say you think you want snag a high status man just to feel worthy in the eye of the opposite sex. Then you might find a man who is wealthy and handsome and you still not feeling genuinely attracted to him.

A man can be handsome and rich, and yet you're still not attracted to him. Why?

A few reasons. Could be his masculine energy is not something you looking at. It could also be, because when you see him, your mindset is already set at the 'I'm gonna take value' mindset, and you're so distracted you can't build genuine attraction with him.

This will get worse, if you already so much invested in the relationship.

How to get rid of the need of being in a relationship, just for the sake of it.

You can't, unless you earn it.

You can't just tell yourself to let go of that desire.

You have that desire for a reason, in the first place. A reason that is so true to yourself.

Rejecting it is not going to help.

This means, you might need to find that man who fulfills your need first, and then realizing why it is not a wise move.

This also could mean, wait till you experience something that affects you deeply, until that desire is dispelled from your mind.

This means, you may need to pay for the price of this experience. Imagine you are already with a man, and you have invested so much in him, when you are suddenly woken up from that needs.

This may take months, and years, or may not happen at all.

It's the same thing as when people tell you, pranking hurts people. You won't believe it, until one day you truly hurt someone, especially the person you care about.

When people tell you how traumatizing a car accident is, you know how bad the trauma is it until you really do get one.

When people tell you how traumatizing getting raped is, you would only be able to relate to them for what it truly is until you get one yourself.

When people tell you how damaging gambling can be, you won't believe it until you lose your entire life savings on it.

So if deep in you there's desire to marry a high status man regardless you like him or not, when people tell you, it's not worth it to be in a relationship for the sake of pride, you won't believe it, unless you get into such relationship and feel the emptiness and the lack of sense of purpose in you.

The true reason how relationship will make you happy.

It is when you truly like someone and hoping for the best for them no matter what. It is the attraction that makes it worth it.

If you are being honest with yourself, you won't be truly attracted to that many men. There could be many physical attraction, but what about a real deep emotional attraction?

How many out of them do you truly feel like having a long term relationship with? Perhaps not many, especially considering the cost.