Are Men Intimidated by Successful Intelligent Bombshell Women?

Have you seen a lot of women who has successful career marries a man who isn't as strong and as manly as she wish he is?

Are you an intelligent and successful woman who wonders why the kind of man who are approaching you are the kind that you don't want?

Have you seen any woman who looks as if she is totally average and yet she managed to attract a husband who is everything that you ever wanted?

Don't you sometimes wonder if men are intimidated by successful intelligent good-looking woman and that they always go for 'safer' women?

Being a successful, intelligent, bombshell woman is cool... but it doesn't always mean it's attractive to a man.

Especially emotionally.

Remember that men are women are very different, and so are their perception of value.

If you think you want a man who is successful, intelligent, and handsome, it doesn't mean a man wants the same kind of woman.

Sure, you could be perceived as valuable by constantly making him feel challenged, and sexy, all the time.... but when he finally met a woman who is soft and gentle, who presents the challenge to protect her, instead of against her, a high value man would feel a sense of purpose in the relationship.

Being a successful, intelligent, bombshell woman could trigger his deepest fear....

.... although a truly high value man (who loves you and therefore valuable to you) should be able to love you through the things that triggers his deepest fears as a man.

One of a man's deepest fear is about having his woman impregnated by other man, which simply means he's afraid his woman making love to another man.

Intelligence breeds ambitions.

And once you are perceived as an ambitious woman, you are perceived to be willing to do anything to achieve your ambition. That includes having sex with a man who is resourceful enough to get you to achieve your ambition.

Secondly, a man's deepest fear is about not being able to be man enough to provide for you.

When he deeply knows that what he earns is peanuts compared to what you earn, and that his provision for you doesn't matter, it will completely eliminate his inborn sense of purpose.

This is not about ego. But imagine, how would you feel when you have a husband who cares more about his looks than you do about yours.

You might at first think "Cool, then he wont embarrass me by they way he dresses when we go out.".... or will he?

After some time, your feeling of attraction for him will fade off as he is not being the man he's supposed to be, especially if you happen to meet a man who works really hard till all his muscles pops out of his body, and have a few scars on his body, and don't care too much about his looks, and care more about his mission.

It is about a similar analogy.

If you are a successful, intelligent, and beautiful woman, your job is not to tell him "Don't worry, those things you fear about wont happen.".

Instead, you'd want to respond through this deep understanding of a man's psychology.

A successful, intelligent, bombshell woman has her own set of vulnerabilities; you don't have to be someone you are not.

You don't have to play dumb and surrender to a man just for the sake of it, without having genuine deep respect towards him.

As a successful, intelligent, and beautiful woman you are, you still have your own set of vulnerabilities.

Your company may be in a one million dollar debt and you have 10 employees to feed every month, and that means you have to struggle to get income for your company.

You may be a director of a company, and you are being attacked by your peers for standing up to what you truly believe in.

You might be a famous surgeon, and no matter how experienced you are, sometimes someone's life is not in your hand. A patient has just died since it was too late for you to rescue him from that accident. And you are experiencing a major mental setback because of it.

Everyone has their challenge in life, and you don't have to play small by being someone you are not.

When you truly feel your pain and surrender to it, the right man will come for you and love you for who you are.

Maybe one day you will meet a businessman who happens to have ten million dollars cashflow surplus in his company and willing to help you with your debt by 'investing' in your company, with very lenient terms.

Maybe you will find a man who could truly connects to your feeling as he has the same problem, and that he's willing to work hand-in-hand with you to ensure such crisis won't happen again.

The point is, stay true to yourself as you have your own uniqueness on your own.

Can a man who are less dominant than me fall in love with me? And would I be able to respect such a man in the long run?

Yes, as long as your mutual attraction is genuine.

Imagine you find a man, who may not earn as much as you are, but works hard, and sometimes physically, that you can see a physical trace of physical work hard, with big muscles, and deep voice, and he's being comfortable being himself around you.

As a result, you have deep respect for him.

When you genuinely attracted to a man for who he is, you won't lose respect for him even when he doesn't provide for you to your standard.

Because actually what makes you respect him is not what he does for your, but the way you feel when you are polarized by his masculine energy.